2019 Fall Update

Yap, Micronesia | The Wedding Day | Camp Northfield


Ministry in Yap, Micronesia FSM


At the time of my writing, I have been on the island of Yap for about a month. While on Yap, I am working with Faith Baptist Church. During my time here, I am preaching through the book of James, or at least as much as I can before I leave. The church has a large Christian school ministry called Faith Christian Academy that God is continuing to bless. This year they have over 100 students and there is a waiting list for students that desire to come, but there just isn’t enough room for them. Missionary Paul Zimmer is currently in the states raising support for this ministry so that they can take on more students. There is a Dengue Fever scare on the island, so I am doing my best to stay healthy and off the menu for mosquitos that possibly are carrying the virus. Please continue to pray that God would give me wisdom and direction as I minister in place of their normal pastor.

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The Wedding Day

I am very excited that in 68 days, I will marry the love of my life, Melodie. We will be getting married at her home church in Derby, KS. Melodie and I are both excited to continue serving in the ministry together. Please pray for us as we schedule meetings and endeavour to raise more monthly support for Project Everywhere.

Camp Northfield

We had a great summer at Camp Northfield and are now making plans for next summer. This last summer we saw campers from junior age to teens get saved and make life changing decisions for Christ! Camp ministry has a special place in my heart, it was at a Christian camp that God called me into the ministry. Camp can be a very effective ministry in that it removes people from their normal environment and gives them a time where they can focus on God and His Word.

Constrained by Love,