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Colton Wyatt Lee is a member of Tri-State Baptist Church in Chesterfield, NH. In the May of 2018, he graduated from Ambassador Baptist College with a Bachelor's of Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Evangelism. He is presently serving as Staff Evangelist at Camp Northfield.


Since God called Colton into evangelism, he has had the opportunity to travel with other evangelists as well as preach at Christian Camp, on the mission field, men’s rehab centers, nursing homes, and local churches. 



Personal Testimony of Salvation 

At a young age, I can remember going to church and being under sound gospel preaching. I recall hearing the gospel and understanding that man is born a sinner on a collision course toward hell and unless he repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, he would be doomed with no other hope. Like most unsaved, I didn't receive Christ as my Savior after the first time that I heard of the gospel. However, I remember, laying on my bed under heavy conviction by the Holy Spirit because I knew that I needed to be saved, but was resisting the truth. Finally! I obeyed the scripture and called on the name of the Lord and asked Jesus to save me from my sins. It was at that moment when I put my faith on Christ to save me and I can assuredly declare that He did, in fact, save me. The same could be true for you if you would simply call on His name asking to be saved, He promises to do so (Romans 10:13).